You Should Have a Business Wingman!

At its simplest, a wingman keeps threats from sneaking up behind you. In actual fact, though, a wingman does much more. A wingman helps you identify threats, and helps eliminate those threats. The wingman helps a flight lead accomplish the mission. A wingman can help refine the mission, identify threats, evaluate alternatives, propose solutions, and help the flight successfully accomplish their mission. Additionally, an instructor often flies as a wingman to train and develop flight leads.

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The Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator is a behavior assessment tool that can help you improve communication, teamwork, and productivity.


The Initial DISC discussion creates a MOMENT of awareness.


The DISC Assessment and debrief begins to create UNDERSTANDING.


Attending a DISC workshop creates a MOVEMENT toward change.


Backing up the workshop on DISC with coaching creates MOMENTUM for transformation.
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Adding value to your business by adding value to YOU

Our primary focus is on creating better leaders. We then help these leaders grow their top line to grow the business while applying appropriate tools to drive out costs and grow the bottom line.

BtenConsulting, LLC, principal, Art Bierschbach, is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker and a Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt. He has helped companies from Scotland to Australia to grow their business, reduce costs, improve processes, and increase throughput. His passion is to add value to people by teaching leaders to develop new leaders.

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The Maxwell DISC Method

Through the Maxwell DISC Profile workshop, you will explore ways to:


Apply the law of Awareness to recognize your strengths and limitations


Build a stronger team that communicate, appreciates the style of others and works well together


Overcome your shortcomings and clear the path for personal and professional growth


Learn effective strategies for handling conflict and personality clashes


Understand how others are different and how to work with each personality


Develop yourself and others to be their best
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