The Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator

is a behavior assessment tool that can help you improve communication, teamwork, and productivity.

By completing the Indicator and reading the report you will learn about yourself and better understand others. You will discover what makes each personality style unique. Beyond the initial Report, additional options deliver important benefits to you and your team:
You and your team will learn about yourselves and each other and understand what is motivating each person, allowing greatly improved communication and performance. You will understand what causes each personality type to experience stress, and better respond to the actions of others to focus conflict on ideas and not personalities. Working relationships and teamwork will improve, and identifying and responding to coworker and customer styles can improve everything from individual performance to sales. Additionally, none of this gets turned off when you or your employees leave work – there can also be significant improvements outside work, reducing stress and improving relationships.   Understand what you have at your disposal. There are great days ahead!
The Maxwell DISC Method

Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator Report


You take the online assessment and read the report

Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator Report & Debrief


You take the online assessment and we both read the report.

We meet for one 60 min. session to debrief and discuss report.

Maxwell DISC Method Package 1


Maxwell DISC Method Package 2


Maxwell DISC Method Team Training


These combinations and pricing are just a few examples, the combinations are endless. For example, we can combine team training and additional coaching, or conduct follow on team training to include communication, team dynamics, or leadership topics.