Creative Leadership to Grow Your Business

I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading this summer, and found a very interesting article in the July 2018 issue of Toastmaster magazine, “Creative Leadership” by Stuart Pink.  I particularly liked the concepts of Creative Strength versus Creative Stamina.  Creative Strength is the idea generation phase of BtenConsulting’s Customer Focused Growth.  Every company should have a process to generate LOTS of ideas.  Idea generation is about regularly and repeatedly generating new, profitable, ideas.  The transition from Creative Strength to Creative Stamina is prioritizing those ideas.  Creative Stamina is the time to evaluate those ideas and determine, before investing a lot of money into product development or developing the service, if the idea will generate a profit.  Your company should be able to consistently, each step along the way, demonstrate the risks and potential for an idea to generate profit.  Customer Focused Growth will document the assumptions and help you evaluate and track the risks and profit generation potential of your idea.

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